System test and maintenance according to VDMA 24186/1 and / 4 and VDI6022

VDI 6022 – Hygiene inspections of air conditioning systems

The quality and the goodness of the conditioning, the treated air of a ventilation and air conditioning system (RLT system) is determined by the requirements and the type of use of the supplied rooms.

If workplaces are ventilated with a ventilation and air conditioning system, the workplace ordinance and the associated regulations are used. According to this, the occupational safety measures must be taken into account in the state of the art, occupational medicine and hygiene. The state of the art is defined by DIN standards and VDI guidelines.

The Workplace Ordinance (§4) requires that ventilation and air conditioning systems must be regularly checked for their function. They must supply health-compatible air and function reliably.

The colloquially referred to as “hygiene inspection” test in accordance with VDI 6022 is to be carried out by air conditioning systems with humidification in the interval of two years and in RLT systems without humidification in a 3-year interval by qualified personnel. The VDI 6022 specifies the minimum “hygiene requirements for ventilation and air conditioning systems and devices” which must be met for a ventilation and air conditioning system.

The customer service of inhouse engineering GmbH is specially trained and certified. So, the components of the air-handling system are inspected for design, damage and contamination and functional aspects, taking into account compliance with the design requirements of VDI 6022.

At representative measuring points, physical parameters of the air conditioning, e.g. Temperature and relative humidity and also microbiological investigations made.