Upgrade and migration of DDC systems

Demands for more efficient DDC systems are quickly becoming apparent from the rising cost of energy.
We help you to bring your systems up to date with the latest technology so that you can keep up with technical progress.

The inhouse-engineering offers you upgrades for the optimal functioning of your automation systems as well as suitable migration routes.

Based on a thorough analysis of your needs, we help you bring existing systems up to date.

  • Business Cost Optimization
  • Reduction and optimization of maintenance costs
  • Improving the possibilities of system integration
  • Reduction of migration costs by adapted solution, compared to a complete new plant
  • Maintaining and using existing operating and display elements to minimize training and instruction needs for the operator and maintenance personnel
  • Short changeover times by exchange of complete units, with further use of the existing peripherals, such as control cabinet, wiring, cabling and field devices

A cost-effective transition to a current building management system can also be achieved by the direct exchange of a substation with a new mounting unit with identical terminal assignment.