Electricity and heat from hydrogen


As part of the commissioning of the BHKW-inhouse5000 + fuel cell in the H2 test village in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, an interesting article has been published about our research and development of hydrogen-powered combined heat and power plants. In times of energy change it becomes clear that there are hardly any alternatives on the market to generate and use energy intelligently and efficiently. We are therefore proud to be part of the breakthrough in times of the energy transition and never to have lost sight of our vision: Energy generation using fuel cells – even hydrogen!

In the Bitterfeld-Wolfen chemical park, an H2 network, the so-called hydrogen village, is under test under real conditions.

The HYPOS “H2-Home” project is part of the infrastructure, and a fuel cell block-type thermal power station has been developed that converts hydrogen into electricity and heat. End-use applications based on hydrogen are also researched here and various consumer devices are connected to the H2 network, including the hydrogen block-type thermal power station.

HYPOS (Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany) is funded by the Federal Ministry of Research as part of the “Twenty20 – Partnership for Innovation” program.

Read the full article (only german version): https://www.innovation-strukturwandel.de/de/strom-und-waerme-durch-wasserstoff-2620.html

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