“HZwei” – the magazine for hydrogen and fuel cells

Funding for efficient heaters

Investments pay off

Around 40% of final energy is used in Germany in the building sector. About 85% of this is used for heating and hot water preparation. But many boilers are still outdated in both the private, commercial and public sectors. The installation of efficient fuel cell heating technology can save a lot of energy and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions.

“A total of 710,000 heat generators were sold in Germany in 2015, four percent more than in the previous year. In view of this market, the federal government has reacted and is funding the installation of modern heating technology, if it is gas-, wood- or pellet boilers, heat pumps or micro combined heat and power (CHP) systems – and now also fuel cells. ”

“The inhouse5000+ from Riesaer Brennsotffzellentechnik GmbH (RBZ) is still not so present in the public eye. The aggregate developed in the Saxonian town of Glaubitz, with its 5 kWel (gross), was designed especially for apartment buildings or commercial operations and is significantly more efficient than the other systems in terms of performance ”


Sven Geitmann : “HZwei” the magazin for hydrogen and fuel cells – October 2016