KfW433 program expires at the end of the year – secure a funding of €29,900 now

The nationwide funding program 433 – Subsidy for fuel cells from the KfW bank will expire on December 31, 2022.

Our fuel cell CHP units inhouse 5000+ and inhouse5000+ hydrogen are funded with €29,900. Save a subsidy of €29,900 by the end of the year – even if the system is not installed until summer 2024.

The funding amount consists of a fixed amount of €6,800 and a performance-related amount. Depending on the electrical output, the fuel cell is subsidized with an additional €550 for every 0.1 kW or part thereof. For our inhouse5000+, this results in a maximum subsidy of €29,900. The funding guideline expires at the end of this year and so far no extension of the program has been announced by KfW.