Company move

Dear Sirs and Madames,

we hereby inform you about our move. We remain loyal to the innovation- and industrialpark in Berlin-Köpenick, but are moving to larger facilitys. So we can offer you an even better service.

From December 1st, 2020 we can be reached at the following address:

inhouse engineering GmbH
Köpenicker Strasse 325
House 11
12555 Berlin

Delivery entrance: House 12



BMWi – Research funding in the 7th energy research program “Research for a more environmentally friendly, reliable and affordable energy supply – the “Lifetime SelOx”project has started


The aim of the project is to research the thermodynamic, chemical, apparatus and operational principles for a SelOx reactor for co-fine cleaning in reformers for PEM fuel cell CHP systems as well as the integration of a functional model in a 5 kW micro-CHP system.

In close cooperation, the partners in “Lifetime SelOx” will evaluate the performance and long-term stability of the newly developed SelOx reactor during plant operation.

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Sail sponsoring

Inhouse Engineering GmbH as sponsor for the sailing club Fratemitas 1891 e. V.


We support the sailing club as a sponsor with a new sail. Our logo now adorns a sail and sails around and around Köpenick.

Sponsoring Segel-Verein inhouse5000+
Foto: © Segel-Club Fratemitas 1891 e. V.





Image film Hydrogen Village HYPOS Bitterfeld-Wolfen

First H2 infrastructure in Germany


At the beginning of July 2020, two TV contributions were made in the hydrogen village of Bitterfeld. The European Commission plans to provide EUR 430 billion to support hydrogen production and consumption within ten years.

A Czech television team was also on site in Bitterfeld-Wolfen and reported on the technology and orderability of hydrogen. This shows us that the importance of hydrogen technology has reached beyond the borders.


“HZwei” – the magazine for hydrogen and fuel cells

Our fuel cell stacks from Köpenick


The special thing about our company is that we manufacture the fuel cell stacks for the fuel cell CHP inhouse5000 + ourselves.


(…) “In parallel to these activities, the company, which has 24 employees, has been working on its H2 CHP for almost five years. This is currently being tested as part of the Hypos H2-Home project in Bitterfeld. In the so-called “hydrogen village” there, pipelines are also tested for suitability for H2 transport (H2 network project, see HZwei issue Jul. 2019). One focus of the work there since 2016 has initially been the development of this hydrogen CHP unit. According to Hildebrandt, “all goals were achieved” (electrical efficiency: approx. 50%, overall efficiency: up to 92% based on calorific value or up to 104% based on calorific value).”(…)

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Electricity and heat from hydrogen


As part of the commissioning of the BHKW-inhouse5000 + fuel cell in the H2 test village in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, an interesting article has been published about our research and development of hydrogen-powered combined heat and power plants. In times of energy change it becomes clear that there are hardly any alternatives on the market to generate and use energy intelligently and efficiently. We are therefore proud to be part of the breakthrough in times of the energy transition and never to have lost sight of our vision: Energy generation using fuel cells – even hydrogen!

In the Bitterfeld-Wolfen chemical park, an H2 network, the so-called hydrogen village, is under test under real conditions.

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inhouse5000+ fuel cell system for apartment buildings [7. CHP Conference 2017]




Dr. Schmid from the company WS-Reformer GmbH, as supplier of our fuel cell reformers, gave a lecture at the 7th KWK conference in 2017 about the development of PEM fuel cells and fuel cell modules in the range 1 to 5 kW (el) for stationary fuel cells -KWK energy supply through our fuel cell inhouse5000 +.

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Commissioning of the H2 network



On May 10, 2019, the festive commissioning of the H2-Netz test site and the Hypos energy pavilion takes place on the grounds in the Chemical Park Bitterfeld Wolfen (Sachen-Anhalt).

This is the starting signal for the practical operation of the H2 CHP inhouse5000 + Hydrogen as part of the H2home Phase2 project.

The goal is the development of innovative concepts for the connection and supply of a “hydrogen consumer” as well as for the distribution network structure including the required safety technology.

The resulting image film for the hydrogen research project HYPOS: H2-Netz can be downloaded from the following versions:

Long version        

Short version        

For questions we are at your disposal.

“HZwei” – the magazine for hydrogen and fuel cells

Funding for efficient heaters

Investments pay off

Around 40% of final energy is used in Germany in the building sector. About 85% of this is used for heating and hot water preparation. But many boilers are still outdated in both the private, commercial and public sectors. The installation of efficient fuel cell heating technology can save a lot of energy and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions.

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Glaubitzer Technik warms renter shortly in the German Vogtland

16.08.2014 Sächsische Zeitung

Dr. Kathrin Grosser, CEO of the Riesaer Brennstoffzellen GmbH, shows the Secretary for Economic, Sven Morlok the „inhouse 5000+“

Once again, Riesaer Brennstoffzellentechnik GmbH can sell her development. Without the Free State, that might not be possible.

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