Fuel cell CHP inhouse5000+hydrogen

Electricity + heat from one device – with hydrogen: efficient, quiet and environmentally friendly

Our hydrogen combined heat and power plant (CHP) inhouse5000+hydrogen is based on an advanced PEM fuel cell and offers you the opportunity to efficiently supply your building with electricity and heat from green hydrogen at the same time with one device.

With an impressive overall efficiency of 95%, we make optimal use of green hydrogen by converting around 50% of the energy it contains into electricity on site.

Our fuel cell CHP inhouse 5000+ hydrogen was the first in its performance class to receive certification in accordance with the Gas Appliances Regulation (EU) 2016/426 for the European market.

Heating and own electricity

The hydrogen fuel cell inhouse5000+hydrogen offers an electrical output of 4.2 kilowatts (kW) and a thermal output of 4.3 kilowatts (kW).

These properties make it an ideal solution for properties with high demand for electricity and heat all year round, such as:

  • apartment buildings
  • commercial establishments
  • office building
  • Hotels, inns, restaurants
  • retirement homes
  • housing associations
  • swimming pools

We recommend using our micro-CHP with an annual heating requirement of more than 60,000 kWh and an annual electrical energy requirement of more than 25,000 kW.

Gerät Wasserstoff Heizung Brennstoffzelle-inhouse 5000+hydrogene

Can be modulated

In addition to its powerful properties, the inhouse5000+ hydrogen convinces with its good modulation capability.

The electrical output can be adjusted between 2.5 and 4.2 kW as required, which enables continuous operation even in summer.

We are not only an experienced manufacturer of fuel cell CHPs, we also advise and develop a tailor-made energy supply solution for your building together with you.

independent and stable

Decide on the innovative solution of the hydrogen fuel cell with the CHP inhouse5000+hydrogen.

Independence from natural gas and electricity prices, environmentally friendly energy supply and the use of hydrogen as an energy source make this power source and heating a future-proof choice.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits and opportunities. Take the first steps towards an efficient and sustainable energy supply now!


our promise

  • easy integration into building supply concepts
  • flexible, customer-specific operating concept (e.g. internet, smartphone)
  • remote maintenance by our maintenance team
  • professional support through detailed knowledge

FAQs on the hydrogen fuel cell

Our fuel cell CHP inhouse5000+hydrogen is designed for use in apartment buildings, the commercial segment, in hotels, restaurants, office buildings or retirement homes.
It covers the basic demand for electricity and heat.

We recommend using our CHP with an annual heat requirement of more than 60,000 kWh and an annual electrical energy requirement of more than 25,000 kW.

During the day, the electrical base load is required about ¾ of the time. For a household with 3 to 4 people, this is approx. 300 W. Our CHP can easily supply this base load in an apartment building. The peak demand is then simply pulled from the network.

So you can cover 75% or more of your electrical energy needs yourself.

The heat is buffered in a hot water storage tank. If that is not enough, the additional heating system, e.g. a heat pump, kicks in and covers the demand.

You can find out how much electrical energy you use from your utility company’s annual bill. The information is given in kilowatt hours (kWh).

Your heat requirement roughly corresponds to the consumption of natural gas. You can also see this consumption in the annual bill from your supplier. The information is usually given in kilowatt hours (kWh).

That’s an interesting question! In most cases, a wired infrastructure does not yet exist. We assume that this will change in the future. However, it can definitely make sense to generate the hydrogen locally on site. We can look at this individually with you and find out whether it also makes economic sense. Just ask us and we will take a look at your project. The consultation is free of charge for you.

Yes, the inhouse5000+hydrogen system is funded. Please contact us about the possibilities.

The system works very quietly. In contrast to motor-driven CHPs, no vibrations are transmitted to adjacent rooms.

Close the door to your boiler room and you don’t even realize you have a fuel cell.

The exhaust gas consists of water vapor and the exhaust air from the fuel cell. There are no emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx) or nitrogen oxides (NOx).

And don’t forget: You won’t find any soot or particulate matter in our exhaust gas either.

Since every house is slightly different, there are several options here. Coupling with a gas condensing boiler is possible for the heat supply.

But coupling with a heat pump or a photovoltaic system is also a sensible combination.
We would be happy to advise you on what makes sense for your application.

Our fuel cell CHP inhouse5000+hydrogen has a high efficiency of approx. 90% thanks to the use of electricity and heat. Only about 10% of the energy cannot be used.

In a modern coal or gas power plant, which usually does not use both, around 60 to 40% of the energy is lost. Added to this are the losses for the transmission of electrical energy from the power plant to your home.

So: A fuel cell CHP is very efficient.

A fuel cell CHP like the inhouse5000+hydrogen pays off because it replaces electrical energy from the grid with self-generated electrical energy. This means that the longer the CHP runs, the faster it pays off.

About 6000 full-load hours or more per year are recommended. The aim should be to operate the CHP unit at full load as far as possible during the heating season and in the transitional period.

In summer, partial load operation or even a temporary shutdown due to a lower heat requirement cannot be avoided.

The service life is at least (!) 10 years and, thanks to our full maintenance contract, there is no financial risk either.

If you already have a gas connection, our inhouse5000+ fuel cell system requires the same connections as a gas condensing boiler.

If there is no hot water tank yet, we recommend installing it in connection with our CHP.

An additional heat generator, such as a heat pump or a solar thermal system, is required to provide all the heat.

We are happy to support you with the planning.

What about the economy? When does the system pay off? For the system to operate economically, the highest possible consumption of electricity and heat is required throughout the year, including in the summer months. Substituting electricity from the grid with self-produced electrical energy enables economical operation.

An exact profitability analysis is always carried out individually for the respective object together with you at inhouse engineering.

The system usually pays for itself within 10 years and you are then working in profit.

In contrast to a motor-driven CHP, the CHP inhouse 5000+hydrogen does not work mechanically, but electrochemically, i.e. apart from a few electrically moving parts (fans, etc.) there are no mechanically moving components that are susceptible to wear.

As a result, our fuel cells achieve very long runtimes.

If you have any questions, please write to us:

How much does a hydrogen heater cost?

Since the costs and profitability of a hydrogen fuel cell must always be considered and calculated individually for the respective object, we need some information from you.

Fill out the form, tell us your situation and wishes and we will calculate a price for your hydrogen CHP unit free of charge and without obligation.

Please take it from your last annual account
Please take it from your last annual accounts