Single cell voltage measurement system LENA-PRO 3/64

A device for monitoring single cell voltages of a fuel cell.

Product advantages

  • basic device with 32 analog channels upgradeable up to 128
  • intelligent signal processing by microprocessor technology
  • galvanically isolated RS 232 bus interface
  • averaging of 8 measured values
  • determination of the three minimal voltage values with
  • allocation of the measuring point
  • direct determination of the total voltage of all single voltages,
  • separate measurement of the total voltage
  • screened housing (w x d x h) 145x87x37mm³


power supply5…26 VDC
current consumption30…120 mA
ambient temperature limit-5…+40 °C
measurement range0…1 VDC
resolution / sample rate (32 channels)10 bit / 10 Hz
baud rate of the interface19200 kbit/s