New association to promote a hydrogen economy

We are a member of the newly founded association “PROOH2V” to promote the hydrogen economy

The hydrogen network PROOH2V in north-west Brandenburg with the districts of Prignitz, Ostprignitz-Ruppin and Oberhavel is driving the development of a H2 economy in the region and offers stakeholders from business, science, politics and administration a platform to find out about opportunities and technologies exchange ideas and find solutions for current objectives.

The association, which is currently being founded, is convinced that green hydrogen enables a sustainable and climate-neutral energy supply, especially for the areas of electricity, mobility and industry. In order to accelerate the market entry and ramp-up of the H2 economy in the region, the network is committed to generating interest and H2 demand, promoting know-how transfer and supporting through public relations.

Almost a year after the initiation of the H2 network PROOH2V in Northwest Brandenburg, the members founded an association on May 17, 2023 in the KreativWerk in Hennigsdorf. The interest in hydrogen and fuel cell technology is so great in the region that this step is only logical, because as an association the partners can employ their own network manager who will take care of the fortunes of the interest group in the future. The advertisement for this position can now start shortly. Potential interested parties are welcome to contact us promptly.

Twelve people attended the inaugural meeting in the newly renovated Hennigsdorf start-up center
Supporters, nine of whom launched the new association. Sven Geitmann, initiator of this H2 network, explained: “We are very happy that we have more than the required seven
founding members together. Unfortunately, a few potentially interested parties canceled due to scheduling conflicts, but they will probably join later.”

29 institutions are now involved in the interest grouping of the three districts of Prignitz, Ostprignitz-Ruppin and Oberhavel, which has existed since June 22, 2022 after initial talks at the end of 2021. Together they want to inform the region about the potential of renewable energies and innovative storage technologies and bring different actors together.

It’s not just about networking between business representatives, but also about raising awareness among political decision-makers. “So far, some politicians have been a bit reluctant when it comes to the topic of hydrogen. We would like to get them on board and break down any reservations about this promising technology,” explained Dr. Ralf Böhme, board member of DESAG and unanimously elected chairman of the association.

His deputy Kilian Fromm added: “We are consciously looking for contact with the players here in the region, but also beyond. Excellent conditions for interesting energy projects that can create many secure and future-oriented jobs are not only found in Brandenburg, but also in the other eastern German federal states.” Fromm, project developer at Green Wind Innovation, recently received and won the H2Eco Award at the Hanover Fair also the HyPerformer competition with TH2ECO.

Christoph Hildebrandt, Managing Director of inhouse engineering GmbH and PROOH2V treasurer, explained: “We are confident that we will grow quickly with our association and thus contribute to making the region fit for the future. There is great interest, as is the need for cost-effective solar and wind energy and for information on how not only local authorities, but also companies and citizens can participate in and help shape the energy transition.”


Other founding members are: Stadtwerke Oranienburg, Stadtwerke Velten, Sprint Tank, umweltplan projekt and Voss Energy.

PROOH2V e.V.i.G.
Sven Geitmann
Gartenweg 5
16727 Oberkrämer
Tel.: 0172 3807334