NEW FUNDING PROJECT “Zwanzig20 – HYPOS – H2 Home Opti”

Optimization of a decentralized energy supply with H2-PEM fuel cells in the “energy pavilion”


With the newly approved funding program “H2HomeOpti”, inhouse engineering GmbH is continuing the development of a fuel cell CHP unit for stationary energy supply based on pure hydrogen. In the “H2 HomeOpti” project, the primary research goal is the development of optimization solutions for an H2 CHP unit based on PEM fuel cells.
In the previous H2home and H2home II projects, an H2 CHP based on PEM fuel cells and its best possible building integration to achieve maximum efficiency was and is being developed and tested. In cooperation with the H2 network project, the H2 CHP unit on the test site in Bitterfeld-Wolfen is supplied with hydrogen. Specific interface problems related to the use of hydrogen in buildings are solved across projects, which is why the project is essential for the overall HYPOS strategy. The interface problems include questions about the H2 gas connection (pressure level, quality, safety, odorization).

In the approved project, the focus is on the development of optimization solutions in the interface between H2home and H2Netz. The pressure level of the H2 connection is to be reduced significantly and operation with odorized hydrogen and its efficient cleaning are to be investigated.
Participating partners are:

– DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH ( / Leipzig
– inhouse engineering GmbH ( / Berlin

The project “Zwanzig20 – HYPOS – H2 Home Opti” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education Research.